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Back to School! Schedules and Priorities

Today is back to school day in my town! My 11 year old just started 6th grade, his first year out of elementary school. Middle school is a new adventure for him! He was nervous, and we were nervous for him. But the best part of a new school year is the new...

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Episode 5 – How to spot a work at home scam

I would hazard a guess that most people who have been in the work at home world for very long have either fell for or almost fell for a scam. I know I did, more than once! Some of these are not illegal scams, but still major money makers for someone other than you,...

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Misty Henry – Part 2 – Life as a WAHM

This is the second of a 2-part interview with Misty Henry. Misty is a work at home mom who helps small business owner ensure their products are compliant with federal safety regulations. In our last episode we heard from Misty about the vital importance of product...

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Misty Henry – Part 1 – Product Safety Compliance

This is the first of a 2 part interview with Misty Henry. In this episode, Misty talks to moms who make products for sale and the vitally important details of product safety, the reasons you need to ensure your products are safe, and the best ways to keep the records...

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Julienne DesJardins – Becoming a virtual assistant

Julienne DesJardins is a strategist for small business owners and aspiring freelancers. As a Certified ConvertKit Expert and virtual assistant, she helps small businesses develop and implement plans for their email & social media marketing. Julienne also supports new...

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