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In this episode I introduce myself! My name is Kim Scott and I’m the host of the work at home mom podcast. I’m so thrilled to be launching this project and to have you listening in!

I wanted to start this off with a little bit about my own work at home mom story and what my hopes and dreams are for this podcast.

I’ve been a work at home momma for about 10 years now. I had dabbled in direct sales stuff and a craft business several times in the decade or so before that, but nothing really stuck.

So, it was 2006 and I was working full time at a Head Start center. I was newly married to my 2nd husband, a mom to 4 elementary and junior high aged kiddos, and utterly exhausted with the schedule I was keeping. Then we discovered the joyous news that baby number 5 was on the way. I was 35 years old at the time and had no-where near the energy I’d had 14 years before with my first baby.

One thing was quite clear to me…I could not be the mom I wanted to be while continuing to work 60 hours a week plus an hour long daily commute.

So I decided to quit my job and become a stay at home momma when my baby was born.

And I couldn’t have been happier with that decision.

The problem was, I couldn’t AFFORD that decision.

My husband is on disability, so his income isn’t much.

I really didn’t want to put my baby into day care to get another job. My husband was home most of the time, but wasn’t physically able to care for an infant. Plus sometimes he needs me around to help care for him too.

So out of desperation we wound up doing a paper route. It wasn’t terrible, I rather enjoyed the routine. But the pay was dreadful. Especially with the wear and tear on our car. We did that for a few months and it got us by.

Then one morning while Good Morning America was airing, they had a segment on work at home jobs. That perked up my ears!

Now, I had tried to figure out something already. And what I found was just a steady stream of scams. I almost fell for one too. Whew…glad that didn’t happen!

But on that show they were talking about things like customer service jobs and some others that I don’t even remember. They mentioned a couple of companies that do at-home customer service. I immediately applied and was hired within a few days. I was THRILLED!!

So for the next couple of months I trained and then dove in to working an incredibly flexible job doing customer service calls for a toy store, and later a cell phone company. I really enjoyed it. And it worked out well for me at first, because my baby would stay upstairs with my husband and when the baby needed something, hubby would just let me know and I could go take care of whatever was needed. This allowed me to earn an income, at around minimum wage, while nursing full time and being at home full time.

And then my baby became a toddler. And that schedule didn’t work out so well anymore.

I started looking for other jobs that didn’t require the “silence in the background” stipulation.

I got a couple of short-lived gigs that were interesting.

I did some forum posting…basically getting paid to add posts to a forum, pretending to be interested, sometimes with multiple accounts, so that the forum appeared to be more active than it actually was. That kind of bothered me, but when it was a subject I enjoyed, I did indeed enjoy it.

I worked with a couple of companies doing research and writing on topics that were frequently googled. I did ghost writing for people. (that someone other than the published “author” did the writing. It’s a legit thing that a lot of authors and bloggers take advantage of.)

I had a stint doing brief responses to questions posted through a couple of different services. Remember Cha Cha?

Then I found what would be totally life changing for me.

I answered an ad for a job, having no clue what it was. It just sounded interesting and a lot of WAH people were recommending it. I got hired and jumped right in.

Turned out to be in the fairly unheard of field (at the time) of virtual assistance. This was actually real estate virtual assistance. I basically helped real estate agents with their marketing. It didn’t pay well, but I learned SOOOO much. I worked my way into what was pretty much a full-time gig.

The most important thing I learned was how to build a website with WordPress.

Now my bachelor’s degree is in graphic design and printing management, but it was before websites were really a big thing. I don’t think we had any idea how vitally important they would become. I know I didn’t, or I might have taken that elective class! J

So I learned WordPress…and I loved it. I learned how to customize a template using css. And I learned so many tips and tricks that eventually I worked myself out of a job. I was doing work that was worth FAR more than I was getting paid, and the owner of the company realized that and basically said he didn’t want me doing stuff that well. LOL Well, um, okay then…

So I moved on and found a similar gig at a different company doing the same thing but for better pay. And they appreciated my skills!

Then I found a few more similar jobs but not in real estate.

After some time I started trying to find clients directly instead of subcontracting with a virtual assistant agency.

I went to hire my mom .com and answered some ads. One of them hired me to manage a telesummit for her. A tele-what?? I had never heard of them before. But it required WordPress and email skills. I had those. And I’m a big believer in figuring stuff out. So I did what I do best…I jumped in and figured it out.

And I did pretty good at it, despite being utterly blind through the process.

So she referred me to someone else. And that person referred me again.

Flash forward a few years and here I am. I have now managed dozens of telesummits, also called virtual summits. Pretty much consider myself an expert at them. And I can charge 10 times more than what I got paid for that very first one.

I have built this business 95% from referral business and 5% thanks to Google kicking up my website in response to a couple of searches.

I no longer call myself a virtual assistant, although that is what my field is. Thanks to a client’s brilliant advice, I now call myself a virtual launch specialist or virtual project manager. I run telesummits, also known as virtual summits. I also still build WordPress websites and manage email marketing for business and life coaches. And I absolutely love building opt in pages and sales pages and the accompanying autoresponder funnels.

All through this time of working from home, I’ve had the desire to help other moms learn how they can do this too. I’ve tried a few times with blogging and whatnot, but never really did much with it.

So, over the last year I’ve really discovered podcasts. I love listening to them! I’ve learned so much about business and success skills and other stuff. I listen to them while I’m walking my dog, working out, doing the dishes, cooking, etc. And one day it hit me, that a podcast just might be an ideal way to share this work at home stuff with YOU!

So here we are, this is episode 001 of the work at home mom podcast. And my hope for this is that you will find time during your day to listen to it, to glean ideas and resources to help you start or grow your work at home career. Whether you are just looking for a way to earn a couple hundred bucks to provide some fun money or to supplement your husband’s income, or you are looking for a full-time income or even for that elusive freedom lifestyle type of business…I hope that you will find what you need here. My dream is that this podcast will grow. That I can share information with you, that we can do Facebook lives with Q&A questions, that I will interview so many exciting work at home moms and other entrepreneurs and that those interviews will give you a little bit of idea of what you can do, give you even more resources, help you through some issues you might be having as a work at home parent, and give you a reason to laugh over some of the stressful situations we all go through.

Laughter is often the best way too. There is so much stress involved in being a mom. Add to that trying to earn an income, run your household, care for your littles, and try to sound or look professional in the midst of spilled Cheerios and crayons… It is enough to send us over the edge! So I find that if we can laugh about it, things get easier.

My absolute favorite story is of a work at home dad, who faced what is probably my worst WAH nightmare. Remember a year or so ago when the video went viral of the BBC reporter doing his report LIVE from his own office? He was interrupted by his 2 sweet babies and I think he was absolutely horrified. I’m pretty sure I would have been as well. His poor wife comes running in when she realized what was happening and literally drug the kids out of the room. And the interview went on. I watched that video so many times and laughed so much I cried. It makes me want to laugh-cry now just thinking about it! To me, that story is the epic description of life as a work at home parent.

I’ve been on a call with a client when my at-the-time 9 year old stuck his head in my office and, in a very ghostly voice, said “she just wants your money!” haha I’ve mastered the glare and finger point that says “get out!” or “be quiet!!” while continuing a professional conversation over the phone.

But, finally I realized that my clients just need to understand that I work from home. That I’m a mom. That its my life. And for many of them, they have the same life. Or they remember when they did. But they all get it and understand. Have there been some who didn’t? Sure. And they are no longer my clients because that was a situation full of needless stress.

So my point is that these things happen. Life happens. And as work at home mommas, we have to learn to roll with it. And laugh about it.

I’m going to ask most of my podcast guests for a funny store similar to that one that they can share. These people are at varying stages of success, but they all have a story! Even the ones that aren’t parents have a funny story about working from home.

This podcast will be kid-friendly as well! You can listen to it with your babies next to you and not worry about language that you may not want them to hear. That’s my promise to you! And if you should hear something that you think is not appropriate, please let me know! We all have different standards, and while I’m sensitive to cussing, I may not be sensitive to what bothers you. But I truly want this to be a resource for all. So let me know! Contact me and tell me about it!

Want to be a guest on this podcast? Shoot me an email or fill out the speaker application here. Same goes for potential sponsors, affiliate programs, etc. I want to share what you have, even if you don’t want to come on the show and talk.

And this also serves as a disclaimer to my listeners. Sometimes, but not always, I will mention a link on my show or put it on my website, and it’s a paid sponsorship link OR an affiliate link of some kind. What that means is that if you follow that link and purchase something, I may receive a cash, credit or product kick back from the owner of the link. But no worries, I’m not going to promote anything that I think is questionable or scammish. And if you find that something is fishy about something I promote…PLEASE let me know asap!

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