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Norma Hollis
Norma Hollis is an authenticity expert who coaches people to find, live and share their authentic voice. For many years she has developed people as leaders and speakers by teaching them a systematic way to make sure they are living an authentic life. She has worked at home since 2008 and thoroughly enjoys the freedom that is offered from a ‘work at home’ lifestyle.

After coaching for two decades, she has recently expanded her brand to include Authentic Beauty. She is on a national commercial which lauds her age and beauty and she is leveraging this by introducing a new women’s product to the marketplace. Norma is a representative of Xcellent Choice, a new network marketing company that offers three products that women love. She is on the show today to give us some foundational information as we make choices about what we may want to sell from home. She is also extending an invitation for you to learn more about Xcellent Choice and consider being a part of her team.

To learn more about Norma Hollis and Xcellent Choice, visit

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