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Misty HenryThis is the first of a 2 part interview with Misty Henry. In this episode, Misty talks to moms who make products for sale and the vitally important details of product safety, the reasons you need to ensure your products are safe, and the best ways to keep the records the government requires of you.

Misty is passionate about small businesses and is an expert on safety for their products. She is a mom of 4 and started out with a handmade business of her own. Through many pivot points, she has finally landed where she feels she belongs: right here with you!

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Misty has a subscription service to enable business owners and start-ups to get tailored answers to all of their questions, free content such as webinars and live Q&As, and paperwork write-ups so they can be at ease that everything is done right and they are ready to get back to creating. You can learn more about her service by clicking here. You can join Misty’s US Safety Compliance Facebook group here.

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