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Back to school - Work At Home Mom PodcastToday is back to school day in my town! My 11 year old just started 6th grade, his first year out of elementary school. Middle school is a new adventure for him! He was nervous, and we were nervous for him.

But the best part of a new school year is the new opportunities is provides to the Work At Home Mom!

I always feel like I have 2 new year days. January 1 and this day in the middle of August.

Its a fresh start, with a new schedule. While I’m not excited about the nightly arguments about “yes you DO have to go to bed now” or the morning battle of making my son get up in time for school, I am THRILLED that my routine will be able to return to its normal pace.

I was awake this morning, without an alarm, around 5 am. And I LOVE that!

I get up, do my Bible study. I am loving YouVersion Bible app. Have you ever downloaded that? I’ve got it on my Kindle Fire tablet, which took a bit to find in the Amazon store because its not called YouVersion on the app, only once you have it installed and open it up do you see that branding. It was just called Bible in the store and has a generic brown Bible icon.

So I spend about 30 minutes or so doing a few Bible studies in YouVersion and then sometimes I spend another 20 minutes or so writing in my journal. Then I’ll spend at least 15 minutes reading from whatever book I am currently on. I just finished up Grace Over Grind by Shay Bynes of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur and I’ve picked back up where I earlier left off in Spirit Driven Success by Dani Johnson. Both amazing books for a Christian entrepreneur or even just anyone who wants to achieve a level of success in their life while doing things God’s way.

By the time I get done with that, its usually time to wake my son up and get him off to school. And if you have kiddos that are not morning people and who seriously dislike school like mine does, then you know how much FUN that can be!

I’ll follow up getting him off to school with going to the park to walk for exercise and listen to a podcast. Then I’ll come home, have some breakfast, and jump into my day of work.

I make a list the night before of the pressing things I need to accomplish, that way I’m not worrying over it during the night. So when I sit down to work (which actually might be before I get my son up, depending on how my early morning goes), I’ll look it over, check my inbox and messenger to be sure I don’t have anything pressing that has come up, like a website crashing overnight or something crazy like that. And then I will prioritize based on urgency and time.

Then I just start knocking it all out!

I’ll take a few breaks here and there to use the restroom, get some water or a snack, and take the dog outside. Then when I’m feeling like its time for lunch, usually around 1 or 2, I’ll pause my day. I’ll have lunch with the hubby, we might go to a thrift store or flea market together. We really enjoy doing that and count it as our “date time” because there is never anything we really want to go do at night! And then I might lay down for a short nap.

If I still have work to do, I’ll usually pick it back up after supper time, as needed, for an hour or two.

I feel like its important to really be present with my son when he gets home from school. Not like he thinks he is in dire needs of my attention, but I notice a big difference in his behavior if I take the time to just talk, to just hang out, or to play a game or something. Uno is our favorite one-on-one pasttime and he LOVES it! He spends the whole time teasing me that he is going to win, and has a huge grin on his face while he is doing it.

My questions for you to ponder on today, if you have school-age children, are: How do YOU adjust your schedule between summer break and school time? And are you making sure to place your child at the forefront of your priorities, at least for 30 minutes or an hour when they arrive home?

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